Finding a job is REALLY tough when you don’t even try!

As you know, my stepson hasn’t had a job since he lost his job at Domino’s Pizza for “downsizing reasons”.  With unemployment at 9.5 % here in the Seattle area, it is a tough market.  Mostly likely they discovered he is just a total lazy ass that doesn’t do shit and fired his butt!  Am I being a bit blunt?  Yes, I might be but let’s face it, it isn’t even trying to find a job.  This morning he woke up at 10:44 and had no freaking plans to look for a job.

Now, I know you are thinking “Gee, lay off the kid he’s only been wearing big boy pants for the past 15 years….it’s a hard job market, he’s a loser, and has no experience….etc.”

I have a great deal of stories of how lazy old KOTS (King Of The Slackers) is and how unmotivated he is.  Let’s look at yesterday (Monday) and see how that day in the life of KOTS goes.  It really starts on Sunday evening…

Sunday night:

We (the parents) ask “What are your plans for tomorrow?”

KOTS: “Oh, I’m going to wake up early and head down to Labor Ready to turn in my application”.

The next day, he rolls out of the house (after I wake him up and “remind” him about turning in his application) around 10:20 am, and ends up screwing around most of the day, skatingboarding, and picking up underage teenage girls.  Supposedly he turned in the job application.  He and this new girl watch TV.  During his busy day of not searching for a job, he managed to eat something but heaven forbid that he put his dirty plate into the open dishwasher that clearly has space for his dirty plate.  Really, how hard is it to put a plate into an open dishwasher?  The door is open!  The dishes are dirty, there is a dishing washing soap bottle right there showing that someone had just run out of soap and went to the store to get more!  Why not take the opportunity to put the dirty dish into the dishwasher?  Is it too flipping hard?

I don’t think he was too happy when I went downstairs and told him to go upstairs and put the dirty plate in the dishwasher.  This shit really needs to stop.  He has all the time in the world but can’t keep his room or the bathroom clean, can’t put his dirty dishes away, can’t turn off ANY light in the house, and can’t find a job.  At his age, I was working FULL TIME and went to college FULL TIME.  I paid my own way thru college and I have no empathy for his lack of motivation to get a job.  Hell, I even washed my own clothes, vacuumed my own apartment, and made my own meals!

Really, why would he want to get a job?  He steals money from my business, gets money from his mother, gets a free cell phone from us (oh, he is suppose to pay), gets free car insurance from his dad (that’s another great story), and gets more money from his dad.

In the next few blog posts, I’ll visit a typical day of KOTS, the milk glass that always has an inch of milk in it (it’s amazing!), and much more!  This is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to all the fun stories we’ll explore.  Hang on my two dear followers, it’s going to be a fun ride!

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