7 thoughts on “Space Needle Drone Footage

    1. Yes, we have a Phantom 3 Advanced and a Phantom 3 Professional. The Advanced model can go up to two miles away. I’ve had problems with the Professional and like to keep it within visual sight while flying.

  1. How much is the drone ? My boss just gave me a drone for no reason. It’s a Parrot and the interface for the phone sucks. But I need to play around with it. I imagine yours is nicer.

    1. Ok. We have two DJI Phantom 3 drones and they are about $800 each. I crashed the first one twice and my son rebuilt it. It is the Advanced model and he has flown it two miles away. While he rebuilt that one, I purchased another one (P3 Professional) and that one is OK. Nicer camera but the model I got has a wifi connection which sucks. Don’t buy that one. Spend the $200 and get the wired connection. Mine has a bunch of “interference” and is annoying as hell. But I haven’t crashed it. I also fly like an old lady. Otherwise it is a fun hobby. You get to meet a lot of weirdos while you are flying, asking a bunch of questions as you try not to crash. That’s why I like to fly in parking lots or back alleys….

      1. Not to sound dumb, but can you explain what you mean by “wired connection?” I figure you mean like hard wired like a computer connected to a printer but this is a drone…so I figured it was all wifi. orrrrrr I can just use Google

      2. You are correct. I do mean hard wire. On the PS3 advanced, my son plugs in his iPad and get has actual video of the flight and you could fly that way (but you should fly visual). The Pro one I have uses a wifi connection between my iPhone and drone and controller. It sucks because the video lags when you are flying. And sometimes it cuts out so I have to keep it in my sight. Very stressful.

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