Phantom 3 Professional vs. Phantom 3 Advanced

A few issues we are having with our new Phantom 3 Professional Drone.

My son and I purchased the Phantom 3 Professional drone with a 4K camera.  We had one with a 2.7K camera but I crashed it a few times.  He rebuilt it and we need to purchase a new camera for it.  We thought the Professional 4K would be an upgrade but there are TWO different types of Phantom 3 Professional drones with a 4K camera on them.  One has a wifi interface (cost: $800) and the other one has the wired connection (cost: $1000).  We got the $800 one and that was a mistake.  We don’t really like it.


The range on this Professional (with wifi) sucks compared to our old Phantom 3 Advanced model with 2.7K camera.

The wifi is always (and I mean always) having some kind of wifi interference.  It’s ridiculous how many “notices” pop up when you are flying.  It drives us nuts.  We have done some flying under bridges drone videos and it is a bit annoying to have the video feed disappear.

This video was done with the 2.7K camera.

There is a lag time when you are viewing the video feed and the response time on the drone control.  In the Mercer Island drone video, my son was trying to follow the jet skis but the lagging of the video made it impossible.  Our old Advanced model could have done this without any problem.

This one was made last weekend with the 4K camera.

We will purchase a new camera for the old Phantom 3 Rebuild drone.

Tip: Purchase the insurance offered on the Amazon website.  A small price to pay.  When I crashed the drone the second time, the camera was totally covered.  I learned my lesson the hard way.

Mercer Island I-90 Phantom 3 Drone Flight

This past weekend, my son flew the drone around Enatai Beach Park and underneath the I-90 bridge on the east side of Mercer Island. We then did a second flight on the west side of Mercer Island where the I-90 floating bridge begins.

You’ll see some jet skis, a few nice boats, and some salmon sports fishermen.

I’m posting from my iPhone 6 and can’t see to embed the video. However, below is the link. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Drone Footage of Mercer Island and Enatai Beach Park

Bourbon and Bacon Fest 2016

You know what I like? I like a charity event that I’m actually interested in attending.  Last night, I attended the Seattle Bourbon and Bacon Fest benefitting the Treehouse organization (foster kids).  It was a benefit that fulfilled my donation critique: 1)a charity event, 2) bourbon (spirits), and 3) bacon (food).  The admission (ticket) was a gift from my wife (unlike my stories are shift to my dear readers). So a donation was the ticket to the Bourbon and Bacon Fest held at the Seattle Design Center last night. For $70 (general admission), you wander around enjoying different sips from the distilleries and tastes from the different resturants/caterers. We attended the 2nd session from 7:30 to 10 pm.  Your ticket includes a souviner glasses, drink tokens, and food tokens.

Pros: It’s a charity event so you don’t have a bunch of drunk douche bags running around saying “Yo Bro!” and giving each other high fives. On a personal note, One of my favorite hobbies is “people watching” and that was decent.  I witnessed lots of bad tattoos, hairstyles, and liquor reps in black t-shirts trying to explain their various drinks to people who just want a bloody drink. And there wasn’t a lot of hipsters so it didn’t look like you wandered into a homeless shelter.  I did see one DB walking around and had to grit my teeth. The DB looked like the singer Pitbull. He had white framed sunglasses but they were upside down and on the back of his head. Keep in mind, it is 7:36 pm, it has been cloudy and raining all day, the sunset was 90 minutes ago, and the room is dimly lit. You really think you need to be wearing sunglasses inside?  You don’t need to be walking around like you are at a Miami nightclub ready to go onstage and perform.  Just go put away your sunglasses and put on a shirt that has actual sleeves.

However, I love people watching and eavesdropping on conversations so last night was enjoyable.  Some people purposely talk loud so they are noticed.  They draw attention to themselves, make themselves a little more important for a brief moment.  I don’t consider that much of an eavesdropping expedition and ignore their conversation (unless they are witty and/or sarcastic). I prefer the small group of two or three people discussing and talking, but not paying attention to me. Now that’s interesting because they will let juicy tidbits drop here and there.

Now back to the cons of Bourbon and Bacon Fest….

Cons: The event was from 7:30 to 10 pm but some of the vendors ran out of food or liquor and were packing up early (around 9:30-9:35 pm). That was disappointing.  I would also have liked to have more “bacon”. There was a lot of “bacon” items but I wanted to overdose on bacon, especially at a Baconfest. I want bacon wrapped around everything.

I’d like to hear:

“Would you like a stick of gum with bacon wrapped around it?”

“Would you prefer this bacon wrapped steak or this bacon wrapped around more bacon?”

 “Do you want to try some bacon salad in a bacon bowl?”

Just so I’m clear with you my dear readers, I want my tasting glass to be filled to the rim with some smooth bourbon and a bacon strip as my stir stick and then I’ll know I’m at The Seattle Bourbon and Bacon Fest.  Call me picky; but I want bacon.

Overall, it was a fun event.  Glad I was able to attend and make a positive difference in some foster kids’ lives.


Welcome Home! (Now you can get started on that laundry…thanks!)

Last Sunday, with the roar of the Boeing jetliner, I returned back to Seattle from my vacation to the Big Island (Hawaii). Besides my imaginary stalker Cyndi and my wife, a few of you devotees of my Worthless Advice know, I like to visit Kauai when I head to Hawaii. Note: my parents still live on Kauai (and I went to school there).  This year, I couldn’t squeeze a Kauai stay into my travel and vacation plans.  This vacation,  I spent the whole ten days on the Big Island this time around.  The other amazing part? The vacation was just with my wife and no children.  It was surreal.

The Big Island is “big”. It is twice the size of the other Hawaiian Islands added together. It is as big as the state of Connecticut (roughly 4000 square miles). One major drawback: Not as many sand beaches as compared to Kauai.  But you certainly do get a lot of driving time in with the distances between the tourist sites and there is no traffic jams. At least, we didn’t experience any. Coming from the Seattle area, it was heaven to drive in clear open roads. I would compare it to driving in Eastern Washington.

My wife and I enjoyed the Big Island. We even tossed around the idea of doing what my parents did 30 years ago: move to Kauai and live there.  I could do school photography there and here in the Seattle area. Commuting back and forth on an airplane twice a month.  She could get a job making hats out of coconut palms and giving cat massages.  Mr. Whiskers would love that!

You’ll be please to know, that I came home to at least seven loads of laundry. I guess the laundry fairy was out on vacation as well. Oh wait, I was just informed by Mr. Whiskers the cat litter box was also neglected.  Thank goodness the garbage and recycling made it out to the curb and back again with my divine guidance.