Fit Bit Woes

Fit Bit Woes
In August, we purchased the little blue tooth versions of the Fit Bit devices for ourselves. That is a Fit Bit for my wife, myself, and my daughter. Now, these are nifty little devices that you wear on your wrist (like a bracelet) that tracks your steps. You move around walking, running, or do some kind of exercise, it records your “steps”. You can set your own goal but in general, the common goal is 10,000 steps for the average person to do. Supposedly, this will keep you healthy. That, and cutting back on the double cheeseburgers and three daily beers would also help.

Now, the Fit Bit is pretty easy to use; slap it on your wrist, download the app onto your phone, and away you go. I have the Bluetooth version so it syncs up fairly easy. The only problem I have is remembering to keep the darn thing charged. It seems to hold a charge forever and then just dies. I look at the thing every day, yet I am unable to remember to charge it until it is too late. Then my valuable steps are never recorded and it looks like I had a day of laying on the couch, watching TV.

For example, I just synced my Fit Bit after being up for the past three hours and it says I have a whopping 6 steps. A bit annoying. I thought since it had a full charge, it would be automatically recording my steps. How am I suppose to crush my daughter and her friends if my Fit Bit isn’t recording my steps?

My daughter, a few of her friends, and a few of my friends all compete to see who has the most steps. I’m doing OK but I still think some of the girls strap the Fit Bit to their dog and then throw the ball for the dog to fetch. Either that or they just walk back and forth to the candy store about 30 times.

Overall, it has been a good experience with the Fit Bit. It is a nice reminder that you should be getting your steps in daily and live to a ripe old age.
 Because if you don’t live to a ripe old age, who else is going to bug your kids with worthless advice?

One thought on “Fit Bit Woes

  1. Well, yes, Fit Bit is a handy device, but if you live to such a ripe old age that you outlive your children and grandchildren then who are you going bug with worthless advise except maybe the neighbors and do that enough one of them might accidentally on purpose run over you as you hobble across the street. Oh, incidentally, thanks for liking “Little boy’s Dream” and have a great day and Aloha – pjs/

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