Another Ferry Boat Ride – this time to Lopez Island

Today, was “Bring your Wife to Work” day at my office. Considering I am a self-employed photographer, I have a few quirky work days I have to deal with. Where is the HR director when you need her? Anyway, one of my school accounts is located on beautiful Lopez Island. Lopez Island is located in the northern Puget Sound area of Washington State and is part of the San Juan Islands. There are a couple of great search engines you can use if you really want to know more. I’m far too tired to even think about inserting a helpful link here.

We got up at 3 am, so we could catch a 6:20 am ferry. As you can see, that is bloody early. To say the least I am tired. However, the day seem to go by a lot faster since I did have my wife with me. It was a fun little break for the two of us and it was a decent road trip. This is one of the few times, I wasn’t worried about rushing home to be with her and the kids. And to be honest, I’m sure the kids didn’t notice us missing.

Yes, the day was a successful one. I love and hate the Washington State Ferries. Love them because they hold a bunch of fond childhood memories. Hate them because the ferry schedule is a nasty beast. There is an average of four hours of waiting for the next ferry if you miss your desired boat. Not fun. I’ve been that car that had been denied and it sucks big time. Just make sure you have some good books on your Kindle if you miss your ferry.

As always your worthless comments are welcome. I’m sorry this blog post is a bit boring and worthless. However, this is my blog about worthless advice so enjoy it while you can!

6 thoughts on “Another Ferry Boat Ride – this time to Lopez Island

  1. Auto lines to catch the ferry at Mukilteo… the worst! I think once I got there and managed to get on the next pontoon leaving for the island.

    Your post is not worthless, at least to we who know ans yes, still enjoy the WSFS.

    Have you dropped 10 yet?

    1. I haven’t weigh myself for a few days. I’m still dropping weight AND lifting weights. My arms are looking HUGE! Just like my head! At least that is what I keep telling the other Fat Ass Dads to scare them!

  2. I figure I’ll keep rereading this until I run out of bourbon or it makes sense. Did you at least bring some crayons or Playdoh® so your wife wouldn’t get bored and start photocopying her face or drawing on the whiteboards with a permanent marker? What am I supposed to do?!?

    Maybe I’m just supposed to not miss the ferry. That makes sense.

  3. Never have taken a ferry ride, but you have verified my nagging suspision that the romantic, quaint way the experience is dramatized in TV shows and movies is a big fat lie. I do however know a lot about riding the bus. If your a people watcher and need further reasons why any intelligent life with any sense of dignity has taken a pass on visiting earth, riding the bus will do the trick.

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