Another Awesome Day at the Gyro Cafe Seattle (only because I was there!)

Yesterday, I was back at the Gyro Café Seattle to work my magic as the ultimate customer service/employee of the month. The last time I graced the restaurant was way back in February. This time was yet another triumph return for me (if I do say so myself). Clearly, my superior customer skills will shoot me straight to the top as July’s Employee of the Month. Who else should get the award? Certainly, not my teenage son or the other employee (whom I’ve never met) because who can compare to me? I put in a whole five hours of work today. Those hours were some of the best hours of my life.

You will also remember, I received a stellar review on Yelp! Here’s that link to refresh your memory.
And here is my original post:

Anyway, I’m not sure if my Yelp reviewer made it in yesterday or not. I just hope one of our customers was kind enough to log on and give me another 5 star review. Everyone knows I deserve it.
I did warn everyone that I was “new” and that I really haven’t used the cash register before (since February). Most people were understanding about my lack of cash register use and knowledge. Sure, I can use Photoshop but when it comes to ringing up a gyro, watch out! You might end up with 16 of them because of my excitement of printing up a credit card receipt.
Nevertheless, the day went well. No upset customers, great food, wonderful customer service provided by myself and my son.

2 thoughts on “Another Awesome Day at the Gyro Cafe Seattle (only because I was there!)

    1. Yes, I only am a part-time part timer when my family is in trouble. I’ve been a cashier and a lawn maintenance guy. I can also watch your kids (or grandkids) when you are in a jam and I’ll even play Legos with them!

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