Weekend – Here We Come And My Wearing Sunglasses!!!

It is one of those rare sunny days here in Seattle and tomorrow I have a long list of yard projects for my kids to do. Heaven forbid, that I have to do any work around here. I have my stepson (he’s 23) and my teenage son (15) to do all the heavy work around here.

I even have made a To Do List so I don’t forget what those two slackers need to do. After this past winter, the yard is a disaster. The lawn needs to be mowed, the pool needs to be set up (it is Seattle, I don’t have enough warm days to warrant an inground pool), build a compost bin, and on and on.

Today and then for the rest of the weekend, we have some nice decent sunny weather. In fact, I’m wearing my awesome khaki shorts right now and going barefoot! It almost feels like spring had arrived.

I even have a nice Kona Brewing Company beer in my hand. Koko Brown Ale. A little taste of the islands.

Oh, and don’t forget I have my sunglasses on! Yippee!

Have a great island!

2 thoughts on “Weekend – Here We Come And My Wearing Sunglasses!!!

  1. Of all of the people blogging about parenthood, you are the first I’ve ever seen to acknowledge that kids are free labor. Everyone else is complaining, explaining how stressful raising kids can be, or gushing about how adorable their child is. But nobody other than you is talking about how darn useful offspring can be!

    1. Oh, I totally teach “life lessons” through yard work. If you have a chance, read my post about summer camp and teaching kids important job skills. I’m pretty sure it will make your top ten list!

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