Kevin’s Self Help Therapy Session

Welcome to Kevin’s Self Help Therapy Session

As you can imagine, I have no formal training as a therapist but I can dish out worthless advice like everyone else.  And if you happen to be a therapist and are offended by this post because I mentioned worthless advice…well, you should probably take notice of the title of my blog.

Now let’s get into some therapy…

Do you feel loved or hated?

Sure, you think everyone hates you and no one loves you.  Maybe you are a jerk and you just haven’t accepted it yet.  The truth is that people don’t really like you and don’t think you are that funny.

Now, how do you feel?  Does that make you sad?  Do you feel angry?

Now let’s talk about how your parents didn’t support you or encourage you.  Let’s explore how they ignored you, forgot you at swim practice, and didn’t pick you up at the movie theater.  Doesn’t that just make you so upset?

Sometimes I feel unloved (just like how you feel everyday of your sad life), yet I still know that my advice will be there to lift me and others (people like yourself) up to the next level of recovery.  The ladder of recovery is a long one but with great individuals like myself guiding self-destructive souls like yourself, we can accomplish something (like screwing the cap back on the toothpaste).

Give yourself a hug and pat yourself on the back (because I really don’t care for physical contact).  We’ll see you at the next session.

2 thoughts on “Kevin’s Self Help Therapy Session

    1. I knew I could make you feel better. I’m so happy I was able to help you break through that barrier and come to terms with how terrible your life is. I’m so lucky to know what a wonderful therapist I am!

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