March: The Month of Killing my Children’s Memories

Bears not included
Bears not included

We had a rare weekend of sunshine here in the Seattle area and it was wonderful.  These days are few and far between so when they do appear, we take advantage of them.  We had a little warmth of 50 degrees plus the sunshine for the past two days.  It was today that I killed my children’s memories.

Actually, I started to destroy their memories two weekends ago when I took down the swing set in the backyard.  This weekend I destroyed more childhood memories by tearing down the play tower.

While I may be removing the play structures from our backyard; we aren’t throwing them away in the landfill. I moved the swing set to my cousin’s house for her daughter to enjoy and play on.  I always underestimate how long a project will take to complete.  I always think that something will take 15 minutes but then it turns out to be 2 hours later and I’m only half complete.  The same thing happened with the moving of the swing set.

The floor of the playhouse on the swing set was rotten out so I put in a new floor.  And then the climbing ramp, needed to be rebuilt so I did that.  Then I thought I had better make a new railing because we had taken out the slide and there was a big hole.  A child could fall through that.  While my cousin’s daughter isn’t a moron and I know she wouldn’t fall out of the playhouse, I don’t know if her friends are that smart.  Last thing my cousin needs is some kid getting hurt on the swing set and complaining that they dislocated their shoulder.  Jeez, like I’m responsible for your kid being stupid.

I also figured my cousin could find her own broken glass and rusty nails to throw underneath the play set.  Give it that urban playground feel to it.  I can’t do everything for her kid.  What kind of example is that?  Bad enough I gave her a swing set when we all know she should be sending her daughter out to the local park.

Now our swing set has moved onto another backyard and I have a huge empty spot in my backyard to fill.  Maybe a nice fire pit would be a welcome addition to the backyard.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

The picture I found from this website:

Sorry, in my neck of the woods (pun intended), we don’t have black bears.

7 thoughts on “March: The Month of Killing my Children’s Memories

    1. Sorry, Cutter. I was out of rusty nails but I did manage to push some sharp gravel rocks over from the driveway. I know it isn’t broken glass bottles or anything but at least it isn’t the wimpy pea gravel or worse yet, sand. (Which makes it a big kitty litter box…ewww).

    2. I know. Sometimes I really disappointment myself with my lack of following through. I’ll blame it on my imaginary ADD but really we know I’m just a lazy slacker.

    1. Did you see my beer cave under the stairs in my house? It’s milk crates and bottles of escape for Daddy down there. Now I have my beer fridge in the garage…and one in my office…and one out in the tool shed…hmmm, I see a pattern.

    1. I’m thinking of making a cigar smoking patio/shed so I can develop another bad habit….of course it will have the outdoor wood burning stove so it can be used as a sauna. Which is stupid because we have a sauna inside the house but if I’m going to smoke cigars and be stupid, I might as well built another sauna. Thanks for your comments! I’m enjoying the photos you post in your blog.

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