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Charlie Sheen vs. Bob Newhart

The other night, I watched Charlie Sheen’s new show “Anger Management” show which reminded me of the Bob Newhart show from the 1970’s.  Sure, I’m basing my opinion on my childhood memories and my current viewing of one episode of the show, yet I stand by my uneducated opinion and foggy memory.

Really, can I just base my opinion on watching one show?  Sure, I can!  Just like our screwed up American politician system….but I digress (since everyone complains about the political system…how clique is that?).

And what is what is up with the giant fork and spoon in his kitchen?  It reminds me of Frank and Marie’s kitchen in “Everyone Loves Raymond”.  And as I write this, I remind myself that my last sentence is like “Seinfield”.  Is my whole life based on old sitcoms?

Overall, it is a pretty good show only because I love the movie “Navy Seals” in which Charlie Sheen is one of the main characters.  Yes, that movie influences me in a positive bias way.  Just like how everyone loves the Julia Robert’s loveable prostitute character in “Pretty Women”.  Oh, how Walt Disney would roll in his grave knowing a movie about a prostitute grossed so much money!


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