No One Listens to Me

Oh Boo Hoo…no one ever listens to me!

I’ve decided that most people will ask for my advice but then they won’t listen to it. I really don’t think my advice is bad; more that it isn’t the exact answer they were hoping for. Granted, I am no Ann Landers or Dear Abby but I have a good common sense approach to most situations and problems. I can talk about the pros and cons of each course of action and give an honest evaluation.

I don’t like to offer unsolicited advice because no one seems to listen to my solicited advice. So why bother saying anything?

A lot of people don’t like to hear you about the problems in your life because it is construed as “whining”. Is it whining or is it opening up to your friends so they know what is going on your life? Do your friends really cared? Are your problems more important than their problems?

Honestly, your family and friends could care less if your problems exist. Your opening up to them should help to explain the aguish you are going through. But do they listen? No they don’t. They have their own problems to worry about you and on the flip side you have your own problems.

They don’t have time for you to express your opinions or to actively listen to what is going on with your life.

So the best course of action can be summed up as: Keep your mouth shut and your problems to yourself.

Forward Ho! And don’t bother to leave any comments or actually read this last sentence because that might say you actually care.

One thought on “No One Listens to Me

  1. I love your comments and advise. Honesty and common sense is rare to get out of someone, this is very good to know. Watch out, you’re going to become my go to person! 🙂

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