Stupid Like the Rest of America!

I’m stupid just like the rest of you!

One would assume that since I blog that I am naturally a great and gifted speller. That is far from the truth which also leads into the fact that I’m quite terrible at grammar. I switch from past tense to present tense and really couldn’t tell you which is which. The only reason any of my blogs or writings make sense is due to my love of reading.

I am a good example of learning by example. I like to read and when I do, I actually study how the sentence was structured, how it flows, and why it makes sense. It probably also helps that 80% of the population reads at an 8th grade level so it is quite easy to write at this level. Considering that, I probably don’t write to a higher level because I’m lazy. So in essence, I am lazy and stupid. Man, my college professors at the University of Washington would be so proud of me!

Let’s face it, I’m not very good at writing and I can admit it.