Girl Scout Brownie Update #2

Girl Scout Brownie Update #2

Last night, I attended another class in the Girl Scout leaders training series. Since I have decided to become a leader in my daughter’s Brownie Troop, I am taking all the training necessary to be one. I’ve been tapped to be the Outdoor Specialist (actually title) in our troop. I could also be the actually Troop Leader with all this training if the need arises.

Since I am an Eagle Scout and still active in the Boy Scouts, the Outdoor Training shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m looking forward to it.

This one was Leader Essentials and overall, I pretty impressed with the Girl Scout program. It has some great short term and long term goals and the program is there to raise the girls into strong young ladies.

Currently, the Girl Scouts are in a transition phase with all the badges, patches, and awards. This makes the leader’s role a little confusing because you don’t quite now what you are suppose to be doing for advancement. As in my previous class, I learned that the current Try It patches are being phased out while at the same time, the Journey program was introduced. Confused? Me too! Luckily, I wasn’t the only one confused and this confusion was cleared up last night.

This evening, I am headed back up to Seattle for my Outdoor 1 class. The commute yesterday wasn’t too bad (only one accident on Interstate 5) and I’m hoping tonight will be the same or better.

The big Girl Scout training adventure for me will be my Outdoor 2 training which will actually take place outside. I’ll be headed to one of the Girl Scout camps for two nights for the last weekend of March. Yes, March in the Pacific Northwest is still wet and cold. However, I’ve heard we’ll be housed in open air shelters. We won’t be wet but we’ll still be cold. Since I am a male in Girl Scouting, I’ll be probably getting my own shelter which will be sweet!

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