Work and why it feels so good!

Work never really feels good. I consider relaxing and being on vacation much better than work because, frankly, I enjoy bumming my day away. Who doesn’t enjoy doing nothing? However, you really never do “nothing”. Some people sit by the pool, others like myself enjoy reading and now writing. So you could say that I really enjoy reading and writing about whatever comes to mind.

If I could find a job that entailed reading and writing, then I would be quite happy. However, I don’t want to be a book reviewer because I don’t want to read books and then write about what I just read. Again, that is work. I just want to read for myself.

What about blogging you ask? Blogging to me is journal writing and, in my case, no one will read except for a friend or two who have nothing better to do than waste more of their time on my thoughts. What thoughts could I contrive that would be of any interest to anyone?