Disturbing Fact: Average age for boys to move out is 25

My friend sent me that disturbing fact and it frightens me.  Sadly some of you (besides my stalker Cindi – remember every great blogger has a stalker), might not know that I have a son who is age 18 and lives at home.  That means I have 6 more years of crap to go through.

That’s not really a big deal to have a kid still at home.  A lot of our neighbors have “boomerang kids” at their homes.  I have a problem because he is unemployed.  Cut him some slack, right?  Well, in this economy that isn’t really a big deal to be unemployed, the real problem lies in the fact he isn’t really looking for a job.

Now, we aren’t going to get into an econ 201 lesson about him being part of the “discouraged workers” who aren’t really counted in the unemployment rate becuase they aren’t actively looking for employment.  Hence, if they were counted the unemployment would be higher than the 9.1% rate Washington state currently has.

He has plenty of time to hang out with this girlfriend, go to the Folklife Festival, skateboard all day, hang out with friends (who have actual jobs),sleep in, eat all the good snacks (and leave the dishes for me to do), and leave the most disgusting, stinky ass bedroom in the world.  His room is worst than a lot of the foreclosure houses I’ve been in. All the time in the world to do nothing!

We have asked him so many times to clean it up and yet it is still there.

How bad can it be?  If he leaves his bedroom door open, the whole house will reek.  It smells like the garbage dump we went to today.  At the dump, I mentioned how bad it smelled and he said he didn’t smell anything.  Of course, he couldn’t smell anything bad because his room is ten times worse and he has burned all sense of smell right out of his nose.  I could have a garbage truckdriver come in his room and it would make the garbage man cry.

I haven’t a clue on how he has any clean clothes because he doesn’t do any laundry.  I know he showers (thank god!) and we’ll skip talking about the bathroom on this post because I don’t want Cindi to puke up her midnight snack.

What to do…what to do.

Talk about a pathetic blog….

Let’s face it…my blog is boring and the only other losers paying any attention to it are the guys trying to get me to visit their blog site. I mean, really who is going to follow the exploits of me?

Uh, today, I got up brushed my teeth, ate some breakfast, had some coffee, etc. Oh yeah. Exciting. Be still my beating heart, this blog is just too amazing!

Anyway, for the two people following my blog (thanks Grandma and the prison inmate in Alabama), I finished the patio in the front of the house AND managed to take 1.09 tons of trash to the dump today. My little Ford Ranger Pick up was a low rider and we looked like the Clampetts mowing from one end of the valley to the other.

The front yard is coming together and at the end of June, I’ll be going after the deck repairs and enhancements.

1000 Ways to Die!

Another total awesome show (at least for me) is the show titled “1000 ways to die”.  It is a writer’s dreams of how people have die in the most usual (and something very stupid ways).  Need some good usual deaths for a story?  Check out this show!

Now, a quick warning that some of the stories are a bit out there and disturbing.  Come on, it is a show about death.  If everyone died in their sleep, this show would be totally boring and lame.

Mermorial Day Weekend

It’s the middle of Memorial Day weekend and I’ve started another crazy yard project.  When will I learn not to do this to myself?  Why can’t I just have a boring yard? My yard isn’t exciting in the least bit.  It is very mundane.

I also have a problem cutting a bush or tree down even if it is a “volunteer” tree.  I like have a lot of plants in my yard.  Yeah, I’m a treehugger in my own backyard.

As you can imagine, it is then hard to make changes in the yard since that would possible disrupt the balance of nature and make me actually have to work.

Today, we changed the front of the yard by removing the lovely railroad ties and they are heavy.  Now my driveway is askew with old rotten railroad ties however we have created a small rock wall, leveled the area, spread some sand, and laid some flagstone.  It’s coming together and I’ll be spending Monday finishing up this project.

Hayden was a huge help on this project and his design started this projects.

What other projects on my plate?  The back deck and a small landing off my office doors.  My deck project was going to be huge.  I had plans to tear it down, put up 6×6 or 8×8 posts, a huge steel beam, 4×6 cross beams, laid down one inch thick plywood, then put down cement board, following with some great looking slate tile.  Trim it around with a steel wire railing and this deck took on a mind of it’s own.  Plus it could all be done in a day!  Yeah right, maybe a week with numerous trips to McLendon Hardware and Home Depot.

Working Late

It’s about 1:40 am and I’m whipping out some work.  My desk is overflowing with projects that rob me of my time.  I just finished up some small photography jobs but I still have some bookkeeping to do.  I had a bookkeeper but she quit on me and dropped me like a hot rock.  So currently, I wearing that hat for a while.  I believe I’ve found a new person to do the data entry part of the bookkeeping and I’ll be free again.

I wouldn’t mind if I could get rid of the deposit job as well and the bill paying.  However, in this economy it is hard not to worry about cash flow and making sure the bills are all paid.  Granted, I’m sure someone would pay my bills on time.  My major concern is that I have the funds to actually pay my bills.  During my busy fall and spring photography seasons, I don’t worry about the money coming in.  It’s during the summer I am a bit stress.  I don’t have a lot of photography jobs that pay quickly; most of the summer projects are family portraits and the sales cycle (and payday) is a longer process.

That cuts into the old cashflow!

Well, I’m headed off to bed.  I’m off to West Seattle this morning, up to Ballard, and over to Green Lake before I head back to Burien and then finally Kent.  No rest for the wicked…


What a great stormy night this evening turned out to be! The rain poured down and I just love listening to it pounded on the roof of the house. It reminds me of being back home on Kauai with our tropical downpours that got you soaked within minutes of starting.

One of the loudest places to be caught in one of those Kauai rainstorms was at my friend Kalen’s shack. It was a small shack his parents had on their property during the construction of the main house years ago. It was only about 12×16 feet in size, painted red on the outside and white on the inside with a metal roof. When it rained it was a thousand drum sticks whacking the roof in rapid succession. You couldn’t hear a thing inside it during a storm.

Breaking Bad

I enjoy the AMC show “Breaking Bad”. Who would have thought drug dealing would be so interesting on so many levels? Yes, it is interesting and fascinating (that is a given). Why am I interested and attracted to this show? One of the primary reasons it attracts me is because of the age of Walter White. He is 49, smart, straight and narrow type of kind who is driven to making a fast buck due to his terminal lung cancer (and he hasn’t smoked at all over all these years).

He has no savings to speak of. If he dies, who would take care of his family? There is no money for them to live off of after he is gone. What does he decide to do? Cook meth and sell it!

At first it was kind of comical how Jesse (one of his former students and a drug user) and Walt start cooking on a small level. They make a small amount of money in the drug business but Walt needs so much more money. You enjoy the little problems they encounter at this stage….then it just got so dark and so bad for them.

Now that they are cooking so much meth and having so many problems, you feel for them. You feel the frustration and pain of their growing business operation and you feel bad for them. Can you imagine feeling bad for drug manufacturers? These guys are creating something that kills people, ruins so many lives, and yet you are dragged into their personal lives, their fears, their problems and you feel bad for them.

You want their lives to be ok. Jesse is a total classic drug screw up and Walt is smart man that wasted his talents (and is dying of cancer). Walt’s greatest fear is leaving his family behind with nothing to show for it. You want him to make tons of money so that when he kicks the bucket, his family will be financially well off. He isn’t greedy (to a degree); he just wants a decent nest egg. Who doesn’t worry about providing for their family after they are gone?

Makes you think about your own life, doesn’t it? Makes you wonder what kind of personal hell people go through day after day, and yet they go on. What stress does the grocery store checker have? What about the guy at the gas station in the brand new car? What demons do you hide? Is the glass half empty? Half full? Are you happy go lucky type of person?

Have you become the hardened cold person, just taking each day as it comes, but not moving to change it? Are you so busy you can’t change the world?

What will ever become of Walt?

Go Google Yourself and Aikido

I always Google myself because I love being number one! Let’s face the facts, my name is unique and so it very easy to be number one. That itself is a problem because I do have a hard last name (hard to spell, not hard to remember…just think of “hell” where you don’t want to go and “regal” and you got it). If you don’t remember exactly how to spell it or what profession I’m in (I’m in so many, it’s hard to keep track).

I’m a photographer…a real estate investor…now a writer… blogger.

A new hobby I’ve taken up is aikido. It is a non aggressive martial art so it suits me just fine. I’m not an aggressive person and subscribe to the the school of thought of staying out of harm’s way. A very good book called “the Gift of Fear”

I’m a fucking idiot and so are you!

I enjoy those demotivational posters a little too much. It is because I’m a sarcastic bastard and I enjoy embracing those feelings. I am in tune with the negative and downer attitudes. The truth is that I am a positive person; I truly believe in all that feel good positive thinking crap! I love it. Yet, I enjoy the smart ass humor of the demotivational posters. They are so me…and at the same time like everyone else (see the “unique” poster). Check out despair.com

Work and why it feels so good!

Work never really feels good. I consider relaxing and being on vacation much better than work because, frankly, I enjoy bumming my day away. Who doesn’t enjoy doing nothing? However, you really never do “nothing”. Some people sit by the pool, others like myself enjoy reading and now writing. So you could say that I really enjoy reading and writing about whatever comes to mind.

If I could find a job that entailed reading and writing, then I would be quite happy. However, I don’t want to be a book reviewer because I don’t want to read books and then write about what I just read. Again, that is work. I just want to read for myself.

What about blogging you ask? Blogging to me is journal writing and, in my case, no one will read except for a friend or two who have nothing better to do than waste more of their time on my thoughts. What thoughts could I contrive that would be of any interest to anyone?