Being a Loser is a Great Experience!

Remember that time when you lost to that other kid at school?  Of course you do.  Everyone is a loser at one point in their life and if you are lucky, you’ll be losing a lot more in your life.  You’ll probably be more of a loser after this article than you deserve to be.

What does winning teach you?  Nothing.  Winning teaches you to hold onto that one moment when you thought you were a winner.  Sure, you were a winner at that one moment in time.  That brief moment you were a champion.  You were the best.  And you hold onto that moment forever.

But what does it mean to lose?  Losing teaches you that your best just wasn’t good enough.  You didn’t make it to the top of the heap.  But you survived.  You got up, shook off the defeat, and move forward.

You aren’t reliving the glory years of “how your team won the championship that year” inside the local tavern over a warm beer.  You aren’t retelling the same worn out story every time you see your friends of how you caught that game winning touchdown pass.  You didn’t catch that pass.  You lost and you moved on.  You didn’t dwell on failure or defeat.  You learned from the losing experience and it made you a tougher person.

If anything, you should have learned why you lost and took steps to improve yourself and your ability to succeed next time.  Losing is a learning experience and motivates us to do better, to strive for improvement.

“It is better to play than do nothing”
 Confucius quote

So be a loser and move forward with your life!  But before you do that, make sure you “like” this post.  Don’t be a winner, be a loser and push the “like” button.   And be even more of a loser and subscribe to my blog so I can feel like a winner.  Thanks for reading!

Why Making New Year’s Resolutions makes You a Loser!

It’s the Last Day of 2012 and I’m not going to reflect on 2012 and I’m not making any resolutions for 2013.  Why bother?  New Year’s Resolutions are for losers.  We all have the same resolutions to lose weight, make more money, save more money, pay down debt, write more on your blog, eat less bad food, watch less TV, work smarter, make less mistakes, be a better parent, be a better spouse, be a better person.

How does making New Year’s Resolutions make you a loser?  Ideally, we should follow the Japanese business of “continuous improvement” (which was made famous from Imai‘s 1986 book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success).  We should be improving ourselves and our lives all the time but that doesn’t mean we will.  Humans are creatures of bad habits and laziness.  We like the road well travelled and the path of least resistance that makes our lives easy.

That isn’t a bad thing.  The best part of your life is your “free will”.  You can choose to be the person you are.  You don’t have to be a good person or a bad person but you can choose to be a good person or a bad person.  However, if you chose to continually to improve yourself, won’t you become a better person in the long run?  Won’t those worthless resolutions become actually accomplishments?

If you want to make resolutions, by all means go ahead and make them.  Set some goals for yourself that won’t make you feel like a failure.  Don’t become a loser by making unrealistic goals or resolutions.  Make them obtainable but keep in mind you should be moving towards continuous improvement in your life.

As your favorite source of Worthless Advice, I wish you the very best in 2013.