January and my Failures at Organization

It is the last day of January and I figure I’d better squeeze out one more blog posting of Worthless Advice before the month comes to an end.  Like many of you, I always have thoughts at the beginning of the year (not resolutions, just thoughts) of how this year will be better than last year.  I think to myself that I’ll exercise more, get a little bit trimmer by dropping a few pounds and lifting a few weights.  Then I won’t waste my days away by endless surfing the internet watching funny cat videos on YouTube or updating my Facebook status.

The perfect filing system?
The perfect filing system?

I also thought I’d get more organized.  I’d clean my office and maybe clean the garage out.  Yet, I haven’t.  I have made only minor dents in the mountains of junk I possess.  Instead of tackling it, I am here writing a blog post.  Tonight I’ll read a book or two.  Tomorrow, I have a full day of work, then it is Super Bowl Sunday so I can’t possibly do anything that day.  Sign…it just becomes an endless loop.  What is a hopeless disorganized person like me going to do?

Before you call in the show Hoarders to save me, I might be messy and disorganized but I’m not a hoarder.  Or am I in deniel?  I thought stuff away and I donate things.  I like to get boxes of junk and stop by the donation center.  It feels good to unload my treasures.

So after this blog post goes up.  I’m going to turn around in my swivel chair, pet the cat, turn on some comedy on Pandora, and clean up my office a bit.

Thanks for reading!  Leave your organizational tips below!

The Garage of Insanity and Tomb of Treasures!

Be hold, the garage of junk and treasures awaits you!  Much like the Island of Misfit Toys, my garage is full of useful and never to be used items.  With the holidays fast approaching, soon I’ll have more junk added to my collection of treasures.

Perhaps you wish to venture into the Tomb of Treasures?  We have a big screen Sony TV that weighs more than a baby elephant and still works!  Hmmm, perhaps you’d like the small portable 13 inch version that sits on a shelf (with remote too!).  Or a wine fridge which I recently saw on sale at Home Depot for $177 but now I merely use for it as a table in my garage for more junk!

I also have a lovely black side by side fridge that many have said they wanted but never picked up.  We also have a lovely assortment of camping and backpacking gear, a train set that I was suppose to work on for the past five years, and a bunk bed (soon to be headed to the cabin).

I also have an awesome old time steamer’s trunk….so awesome it is in my garage collecting cobwebs and dust.  Actually, I had it on Craig’s List for sale but everyone interested flaked out on me.  Jeez, just come and pick the trunk up already.  You know you have some hooker’s body you need to dispose of in some backwoods lake. Everyone knows you have to get rid of the body before she starts stinking the place up.  Once that dead hooker smell gets into your car seats it takes FOREVER to get rid of.  Psst…You know the voices in your head want you to buy that steamer trunk!

Of course, if you had the fridge/freezer & steamer trunk plan, you could have freeze the body until a free spot in your “disposal of dead hookers” schedule opened up.

We also have various pieces of wood, cans of nails, and whatever the family has decided to toss into the garage.  Looking for a 1” plastic pipe? I got it.  Need a strip of beige carpet?  I have that too!  Looking for an extremely large work table with metal legs?  Oh, I have that ready to be delivered to your home!

Come ye faithful, enjoy a tour of the Tomb of Treasures and see the wonders that await you!  I’m positive you’ll find something you desire!