What is the Purpose of YOUR blog?

As I was whipping through my WordPress Reader, I noticed a couple of blog posts that I wondered about. One was a blogger who’s blog and posts were being copied and posted by a copy cat (as their own). 

Here’s the link: Dear The Girl Copying My Blog…

Dear the girl copying my blog: http://missamrunaway.com/2015/10/06/dear-the-girl-copying-my-blog/

As you can imagine, the author/blogger was pretty upset about it.  Who wouldn’t be? I don’t mind the repost of a blog post I’ve done (heck, I encourage that…my blog needs all the help it can get) but just a straight copy job seems just crazy lazy to me.  What is the point of even having your own blog?  It’s not yours at all.  The pictures, text, and writing style aren’t even you!

I like my blog to reflect my writing style and dish out worthless advice to my five followers (three of them are my cat Mr. Whiskers, my mom, and my imaginary stalker Cyndi). Worthless advice isn’t easy to write about because it naturally envolves into awesome advice from a wise old, middle aged, extremely good looking guy.  I have all sorts of life hacks and tips to get you through your day; stuff that really matters.

  • You know, like making your sack lunch the night before you go to work so you don’t end up running around like a crazed manic in the morning.  You’ll have a better lunch instead of a cracker with cheese wiz and a leftover two star Chinese restaurant fortune cookie.
  • Or making a big batch of green tea for yourself instead of stopping by Starbucks and buying it for $3+ a day. Of course, if Starbucks is your only social outlet, by all means, stop on by and buy the barista’s love with a big tip.  If you are a guy, you might want to visit the bikini barista.
  • Worried about what to wear for that important presentation tomorrow? Lay your outfit (and your crybaby feelings) out the night before….cat hair is optional once your cat figures out you made a new bed for her.  I would suggest the Hello Kitty pink power suit you got from Macy’s last week.

See? Another three great tips when I was trying to give you worthless advice.  I can’t help myself.

Good luck on your Sunday!