Let’s talk about distractions…Getting Out of My Slump.

It’s a nice hot summer night here in Seattle and I have come to the realization I haven’t been very good with my blog updates. I could blame it on my “distractions”. But what are my distractions? Work? Sunshine? The amazing hot weather we are experiencing here in the Puget Sound area? What are my distractions? Everything is a distraction for me!

I don’t know if I can blame it all on the distractions I’ve mentioned (mainly because I blamed the world for my failures). We can pinpoint to one real reason: I can blame it on my lack of motivation to blog. Why do I lack motivation? I don’t really know. It is summer and I think summer will never end. I also think that I still have plenty of time before school starts up again to do all the things I need to do….then I see how nice it is outside. I think to myself: I deserve to goof off and watch all ten episodes of “Better Call Saul” in one day, right?

My distractions are really excuses for me not setting goals for my writing. Everyone loves distractions and excuses because it allows us to put things we want to accomplish on the back burner. That bottle of wine tastes a little bit better than painting the house, right? I could write a blog post but why bother? I’d rather talk about beer with my friend online.

Today, I’m going to start posting on my blog at least twice a week. I have to tell myself that people want my worthless advice! See? It is in writing so I have to do it. Let’s write!