6th Grade: Let the Fun Begin!

Off to 6th Grade Camp!

I’m off to 6th grade camp with about 87 students from my daughter’s elementary school. This is the first camp our school has done in four years. My son’s (who is currently in 10th grade) class was the first year our school didn’t do it because one teacher was the hold out. We even had replacement teachers willing to take her spot but that wasn’t good enough. That killed 6th grade camp until this year. The holdout teacher is now teaching 4th grade, we have new 6th grade teachers and magically we have 6th grade camp this year. 

Ok, it wasn’t magic. I do have to take my hat off to all the poor parents that fought for 6th grade camp to return the past four years. I thought it was gone forever. 

I’ve been to about seven Boy Scout camps over the past seven years, plus a few Cub Scout and Girl Scout day camps (as a volunteer staff member). I’m use to camping, camp good, and uncomfortable beds.

So today, I’m headed on a school bus, sitting next to a Boy Scout (he is in a different troop from than the one I lead). I’ve asked him ten questions and he has nodded seven times to answer my questions, and the other three answers were three words or less. I was also able to yell at the kids to “Shut up and listen to the bus driver!”, within the first five minutes of boarding the bus. I like to set the standard quickly that I will break you down and crush your spirit. Honestly, I’m not that bad once you get to know me. I just want to make sure the students know they can’t walk all over me; I’m not the softy. I like to have fun but let’s not be reckless, dangerous, or stupid about it. There is a time to shut up and listen and a time to laugh.

It should be a very interesting experience. We have great weather for the next three days and the student are excited. The parents and school teachers also seem excited. I’ll let you know how things turn out.

How about those odds? A story of unbelievable odds that will ruin your gambling dreams!

A few weeks back, my brother called me at 6:30 in the morning to tell me he saw my old car in North Seattle. He had recognized the old bumper stickers on it and knew it was my car, so he had given me a call. I must admit, that was kind of a fun surprise to know that my old 1983 Mercedes Benz 300D (Turbodiesel) was still running. My brother wanted to tell the current driver that the Mercedes Benz use to be owned by his handsome brother Kevin (OK, I added the handsome part) but wasn’t able to catch him.

It was a fun car to have. Sunroof, power windows, great fuel mileage. It was a tank but still a fun car.

The next day, I’m traveling back home from South Seattle College (former South Seattle Community College) and I roll up to a traffic light. As I am slowing down, I noticed a yellow Mercedes Benz in the left turn lane.

It is my car.

It has my bumper stickers on it and the same chrome rims. It has a few more dents but it is still running.

I rolled down my window and signaled for the driver to roll down his window. We chatted briefly in which I told him that my brother said he saw that car yesterday in North Seattle. The driver told me that he lives in North Seattle and that he was there yesterday morning.

It now has 500,000 miles on it (good old German engineering), huh?

Now, one has to wonder what the odds are that my brother would see my old car on Wednesday at 6:30 am in north Seattle and then the next day, I would see my car at 11:10 am in south Seattle? We haven’t seen this car in 14 years, yet in two days, two brothers see the same car and it was formerly owned by one of them? Seattle isn’t a small town…the car is now 32 years old…my brother saw it in on Wednesday morning and then I saw it on Thursday morning. What are the odds?