Who’s Advice?

Thanks for Nothing!
Occasionally, I get advice from people who know nothing about my business, absolutely nothing. This is pretty much worthless advice. They aren’t business owners, they aren’t school photographers, and usually they are someone that really doesn’t have a clue on how the world works. How they manage to survive is beyond me. Regardless, sometimes I do get a golden flake of good advice after the yards of worthless and useless advice. Hmm, perhaps this is why I have a worthless advice blog? 
Now, if I’m in a brainstorming session with someone or a group of people, I love to hear every crazy idea they have. It is a free for all and the crazier the idea, the better. This is when I want those ideas no matter how worthless or ill conceived they might seem to be. Enjoy…toss out that new idea of how your cat can become the next bestseller! You have an idea for a novel? Spit it out! Maybe you have a desire for a wacky trip to New Zealand. Let’s go for it!

I do like to listen to people who have blazed a trail, made mistakes, and have beneficial advice because of their success and failures. I enjoy learning all about how they got there, the steps involved, and the process involved. That is the kind of advice you should listen to: advice from people that are where you want to be.

Enjoy your day!

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